Cleveland: It’s not only rock and roll but I like it

Cleveland rocks. Who knew?

I’d been there before, and in some ways it seems like many of us have all been there before. We’ve heard the jokes, we’ve met Drew Carey and we’ve taken in the city’s most famous (Halle Barry, Arsenio Hall and Monica Potter to name a few), but have we really ever experienced all this city has to offer?

The answer to that is a simple, resounding, bass resonating no.

In fact, after spending a weekend there I know I really haven’t experienced all there is to offer in that city.

It’s definitely not the city I expected it to be, but maybe it’s the city we deserve, to paraphrase a famous superhero.

And why wouldn’t you want to travel somewhere, so close to home, a mere five hour drive, provided you don’t stop every hour like we did, or for lunch at Cracker Barrel.

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