Packing Things I Love

One of the worst things we have to do as travellers is pack. In exactly 18 days I will be traveling for 65 days starting in London and ending in Helsinki Finland. I have to admit, I’m not one of those people that can backpack. I need more than just one change of clothes, but I can do a week’s, with laundry being done in the sink. My stress levels were initially very high regarding packing until I discovered something awesome. Packing cubes. And oh how I love them. I did a test pack today and man am I happy. photo 3

This is my suitcase right now. I’ll rundown what’s in it and then we’ll go over the products I’ve used.

The top left/envelope looking thing has within it, one bulky sweater, four light weight sweaters, two button up shirts, two long sleeve t-shirts and 7 short sleeve t-shirts.

The top right, in white, has within it 9 tank tops. The bottom right has five bottoms including two long pants, two capris and three pairs of shirt. The little package on top includes four bras.

This only takes up half of my suitcase and there is still room on top.

Let’s just say I’m actually pretty happy about this.

The best part is I left that stuff in there for a little while and when I pulled it out it actually wasn’t even that wrinkly. Any wrinkles that were incurred I just went in my bathroom and hung it up on a hanger while I ran my hot shower, and voila, steam works wonders my friends.

Also, I haven’t even used up all the packing cubes that I purchased, which means I’ll have free little pack its for when I buy trinkets, or enlarge my button/pin collection.

The white cubes are none other than Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Starter Set where the black cubes are Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Cube Set. Eagle Creek seems to dominate this market from what I’ve found on the internet but I know Lug has also gotten in on the game and Sea to Summit seems to offer pretty similar and nice products as well. If you’re Canadian Jet-Setter is definitely the place to buy these products are the prices are comparable to the U.S prices, sometimes lower and you can gain points for future travel products.


2 thoughts on “Packing Things I Love

  1. You are much better at it than I am! I couldn’t get as much into the packing cubes, but had luck with eagle creek’s compression bag. We’ll see what everything looks like when I pull it out!

    • I just made sure to put the heavy stuff on the bottom. The tank tops were easy because they just kind roll up into little tubes. I haven’t tried their compression cubes but we’ll see how all this holds up over 65 days.

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