Safety Essentials

I don’t know how many times in the last little while I’ve been warned about my own safety while traveling. It’s not as though I don’t get it, because I do. Sadly. I understand that as a 20-something female, traveling alone I do have a target on my back.

Therefore, I have some “essentials” shall we say for my monetary safety.

safety essentialsThe top item is an under clothing money belt. It can be worn against your stomach, and since it is silk, and the back is a nice, soft material it hardly irritates and is excellent. When I’m wearing most shirts, as I do like them a bit baggy in the stomach area you cannot tell it is being worn at all. That is what I use to put anything beyond basic cash in.

The bottom left shall we say is my secret pocket. I will be wearing a belt, for sixty-five days straight, something I actually do not normally do, but the reason is this little guy. He will be housing my passport, as well as my debit and credit cards. My belt threads through his little loops, I flip him over and tuck him into my pants, and he doesn’t even show in those either.

Last but certainly not least is for when I may be sick of wearing the money belt. It fits discretely under most shirts, cross body and if need be the strap can be adjusted or I can tuck it under my pants. This system has guaranteed that my money, and passport, will hopefully be safe and sound.

Of course there is safety of another kind. I will not be flashing around my digital SLR too much if I can help it,  but if it’s out, the strap hooks onto my belt also. Similarly my smaller camera case, which I tend to use more often while traveling fits on a belt loop as well.

My main concern will be the weight of some of these things may cause my pants to fall down but let’s hope not.

And don’t forget your ultimate safety item while traveling: your health insurance 🙂


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