Hop on and Stay There (But only if you want to)

1800217_940140600814_8797780861293291956_nIt was only day two in London when we decided that after going to Madame Tussaud’s (one of my favourite places) that we would do a hop-on, hop-off tour in part because the Sherlock Holmes Museum was packed, and also because I’d barely slept the night before and my meant to be comfortable shoes…were not so comfortable.

Here’s the thing about hop-on, hop-off tours, especially those with live guides as opposed to recordings. People hop on and then immediately hop off on the next stop. DO me a favour next time, take the time and complete an ENTIRE loop. Because it can be insightful and wonderful to hear all that that person has to say on the topic of their city.

London is no different, except that I find even in two weeks you have no chance of actually getting to see everything, the different bus 10563188_939443517774_2415952489864579970_ntours allow you to at least catch a glimpse of things you won’t get to even see in that way otherwise.

Those who tell you that you shouldn’t do them because you can learn all you need to about a city by simply walking around are fooling themselves.

These tours, and their guides are invaluable, especially if you can manage to grab one for forty-eight hours giving you two days to see all that you need to see, without the possible intimidation of local transportation (though I do find London transit easy to navigate).

Of course that’s only my advice, there’s no right way to travel, just what’s right for you.


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