Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone (Cycling Edition)

10574340_939826280714_3056975821873311445_nDear reader,

I did something today (though I suppose its yesterday now) that I never thought I would do.

And no, it wasn’t making a scavenger hunt out of the British Museum because well, it’s me, and anything I can turn into a scavenger hunt or live Bingo game I’m going to do.

I am physically unfit. So much so that stairs suck to me, three flights leave me breathless and nearly asthmatic, I always joke that I will only run when I see a jogger smiling, or if I’m being chased. I don’t remember the last time I went on a bike ride.

Except the last time I did was yesterday. It was in Kensington Gardens and despite the bike being too tall for me, even with the seat all the way down, and almost falling twice I feel amazing. I cycled from one half of Kensington Gardens to the others (the short route I admit), and even more interestingly, I will do it again.

It was an amazing feeling, speeding by those who were walking, and being lapped once by a jogger who I tossed a joke at on the way. It was hard but it was fantastic.

I know it’s silly to be excited, because it really is just a bicycle but it made me feel almost local. I was tickled pink when another tourist asked me how to work the Barclay’s bicycle system and proud of myself when I walked her through it.

So, readers, travellers, friends and family. Next time you think you’ll never do something, try and do that thing first, because its definitely something to rave about.

Next up, Kensington Gardens to Hyde Park, and then, Amsterdam…


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