A Potterhead’s Dream Come True

10553542_940854380394_4610613994956218686_nI won’t pretend I didn’t tear up the first time I walked around Hogsmeade at Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The very name you see, evokes great memories for me. From being cajoled into reading the first book after seeing the movie, to clinging to my friend David through the second film. Midnight book releases with my mum and sister and hours spent reading the books in my dad’s recliner.

And my reaction when seeing the Warner Bros. Studio Tour just outside of London was no different. In fact it was more magical than Wizarding World as the doors to Hogwarts were opened and I was able to step into the Great Hall, looking around at the props are sets used in the film.

It was amazing, if you’ve got kids, or even if you are a big kid at heart this is not something you should ever miss. It’s so well put 1560629_940847010164_7134179811968293077_ntogether, and if I told you I didn’t tear up when I saw the model of Hogwarts in the end I would be lying.

Now I can’t wait to return to Orlando to truly begin comparing the nuances and subtleties of the Diagon Alley built there, versus the real one housed in a studio.


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