Whovian Nerdvana is in Wales

10355840_941427242374_1865265148510813065_nI’ve been in London for almost a week now and yet today made the three hour trek to Wales in order to fulfill a dream of mine.

That dream is seeing Who things, now don’t get me wrong. There is Who things to see in London, a call box in fact but I’m not going to cheat and tell you where to find it.

That you’ll have to figure out for yourself because I don’t give out spoilers.

Which is precisely why I will not tell you what you go through first in order to get into BBC Cymru’s Doctor Who Experience exhibit in Cardiff. I will just say that it is something simply and utterly amazing.

Our day started off being picked up by Jerry, a Scottish driver from Capital Taxi Tours who is simply amazing. He had a dossier ready for10565055_941430690464_7429332577341675257_n us, along with cold as ice bottles of water, Jelly Babies and Jammy Dodgers for the trip.

The drive was long so be sure to bring something to rest your head on. You’ll need it.

And when you return to London if you’re on the right tour you’ll also be shown around that area after having seen the church from Runaway Bride in Cardiff, as well as where Rose Tyler worked. In London you’ll see the Eye, Tower, the three houses which comprised Downing Street and we even stopped by St Bart’s because I’d mentioned being a Sherlock fan.

All in all it is well worth the money, if you’re a Whovian to take this tour from London, or visit the Experience if you’re in Cardiff.


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