The Value of Seasons, and Snow

Something I wrote for my other blog, which is just as relevant here.

A Cup of Cocoa and a Slice of Life

10649888_961185411844_2895187482784671267_nI’ve lived in Canada my entire life. Just North of Toronto, by about 45 minutes (that’s how we tell distance here) if the traffic is good.

I’m 27 years old, and winter seldom held magic for me after the age of 12. It was the last time I went skiing, probably one of the last time’s I really played in the snow and is about the time I realized that winter can be more of a hindrance than something amazing.

I guess I got older, grew jaded. I forgot about the value of all seasons, and the value of snow. Its priceless. And what it gives us is even more priceless.

It just took Switzerland for me to realize how much it means to live somewhere where we get to experience the beauty, and struggle of all four seasons (five if you count construction).

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