Loving Italy From Afar and Missing It

10418423_947947510704_8405202295249165231_nI knew, last year when I embarked on my journey that Italy had always been something I had wanted to see.

The architecture, the warmth of the people there, the history.

Yet it struck me, how much I loved Italy when I got there, and I never thought how much I would miss it when I left.

Perhaps it is because I was traveling with some of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, or because we had an awesome tour guide who could bring the very history of the country to life when she spoke of it.

I truly don’t know, but now, there are moments when I find myself closing my eyes, and I can see the streets 10592786_948111921224_6726545195169400792_nof Venice spread out before me, a little cramped but filled with adventure and tourists. I can hear the sounds of people rushing in and out of the Vatican, waxing philosophical on religion. I can smell the salt waters of Sorrento and something in me longs to be back there again.

I will never forget how lucky I was to go to the Vatican, though I am not religious, and walk the streets of Rome as so many others have before me. I know I’m blessed in life, to have seen these things but as always, as a traveler there is a greed that follows. A greed for more rich sights, a greed for more experiences and memories to fill the pages of my notebooks and the memory cards in my camera.

In one week, or rather a little over, I will be returning to Orlando, FL, to stay in Loew’s Portofino at the choice of my brother in law, and I have no doubt that the pale imitation of an Italian village will simply make me miss Italy more.