Hotel Review: Disney’s Bay Lake Tower at Contemporary Resort

12642795_10100220284786594_413574295841980652_nThis was quite the adventure in fun (and developing pneumonia) but this hotel was a good place to stay, so as promised, albeit late here is mine (and my best friend’s) review of Bay Lake Tower.


This is maybe the least themed and most normal hotel feeling of all the Disney hotels. It’s understandable though, as it is also a convention centre, but what is there in terms of Mickeyness, is pretty awesome.  ★★★


Does this place have amenities or what? I cannot complain about the multiple gift shops a12647486_1764000563831161_7898682913274459337_nt Disney’s Contemporary Resort, as well as the general store, Chef Mickey’s, Contempo Cafe and the room service. We even rented some blurays once we learned my best friend had not seen Big Hero Six, Tangled, or Brave. Also who can argue with the grandest amenity of them all, the view of Magic Kingdom out the window and our ability to watch fireworks every night if we so pleased. ★★★★★


Those beds, those pillows. Oh so comfortable. That’s all I have to say. Also, with one bathroom per person for three of us no one was complaining about the wait to get ready in the morning and it was awesome. ★★★★


Disney as always provided excellent service. Everyone who we talked to was very nice, from the people who delivered our room service when I was too sick to leave the room, to the people who cleaned the hotel and who greeted us in the lobby. ★★★★


★★★★★ Seriously, just five stars because it was amazing being able to just walk over to Magic Kingdom. It was great. Seriously.


The pool was sadly closed. The pools stay open until way too early. And what is with the perfume smell in the lobby? It was like someone was trying to cover up something bad.

Over all I give this hotel ★★★★ out of 5.