Boma-Picky Eater Edition

The name of the game in eating breakfast at Boma is patience. I’ve been to this restaurant now three times and I’ve never seen it where it’s not packed for breakfast or lunch.

You will wait to get in. And if you’re wanting to try some delicious carved turkey or ham you will wait for that. That being said there is few meals more worth it.

While this restaurant would benefit from the standard two buffet line method once

Carvery and hash

you’re past the carvery you are golden. 

The atmosphere of the restaurant is beautiful, with richly painted walls in orange, yellow and clay like brown it’s easy to feel at home here.

If you’re a picky eater like me then don’t worry. You can skip the African Hash and Turkey Babotie to get to more traditional fares like bacon, eggs and sausage as well as a series of delicious pastries.

I wouldn’t recommend skipping either of those things though because even I enjoy them in small doses but to each their own. If you’re going to stick to scrambled eggs it doesn’t hurt to try the batch of eggs that has goat cheese and chives in it as they were a highlight.


And in case you were concerned about the possibility of being unable to snag a Mickey waffle don’t be. They are here also with Simba waffles and they are delicious.


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