Happy Thanksgiving! All year round at Liberty Tree Tavern!

Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that my two favourite holiday meals take place in October and December, mostly because they contain a lot of the same foods. They would be Thanksgiving and Christmas because the more turkey the better.

That being said those preferences make Liberty Tree Tavern in Disney’s Magical Kingdom one of my favourite places to eat, though I was a little concerned to be visiting them yesterday so soon after our Thanksgiving in Canada.

The restaurant has a good atmosphere, with several different dining areas dispersed through the restaurant. The bathrooms are still in need of some work, with so few stalls for ladies.


The only downside about the atmosphere is the restaurant, containing both upper and lower dining spaces can get pretty loud. Also, I’ve never been there when it wasn’t freezing.

Also, for some the family/platter style dining can be a downside because it gives off a kind of one menu suits all feel but I’ve never had any complaints about that portion of the dining experience. Usually if you ask them not to bring you something they’re all good to do so.

The first course is fluffy light rolls and honey butter, which is not a favourite of mine but has grown on me over time. There is also the delicious salad, and you must be thinking, c’mon how  delicious can a salad be? Well this salad is covered in strawberry vinaigrette dressing and while I’ve tried to duplicate it at home I have been woefully unable to do so.

The main course is meat. And sides. Delicious delicious sides. Unfortunately you will not hear me wax philosophical about the ham or beef dishes as I’m not a fan of either even at home. I am told however the pot roast was cut too thick and unfortunately was not as  tender as it should be. The ham was good, apparently, but not as good as Boma’s yesterday morning.

The turkey was nice, tender and juicy and I could probably write odes to the cornbread 14666311_10100316152616694_5900305316963246909_n14717146_10100316152591744_6656431266500684233_nstuffing which is funny because I actually really dislike cornbread. Weird, I know. This is a dish that HAS been replicated for me for Christmas and man am I lucky, because quite frankly I can’t afford to fly to Florida every time I have a craving.

The mashed potatoes are again a favourite, as they are redskin potatoes, with just a touch of garlic in them, skin still in which I love for the texture and they are creamy delicious and even moreso when you put gravy on them.

The green beans are also cooked in garlic which makes them more delicious than usual. I’m a veggie person, what can I say?

My only letdown on this visit was the mac and cheese. I feel like they changed it. I don’t recall it being made with what tastes like plastic cheese, a dislike of mine, but there it is. And it was watery, I was a little disappointed to be honest.

Dessert is no longer Johnny Apple-Seed cake which does make me sad because I do love me some of that. It is instead a tart, with each small square packed full of cinnamon dusted and cooked apples, dried cranberries and wonderful out of this world vanilla bean ice cream.

This restaurant is good for those who want the magic of the holidays around them all year round, and good if you are ravenously hungry. Sometimes though, if you’re only a party of two you might be left leaving a lot on the platter so I recommend telling them you only really want small portions so as not to be wasteful. Disney being Disney is more than happy to accommodate.

Watch this spot later because I will be attending Minnie’s Holiday Dine at Hollywood and Vine as well as a Galactic Dessert Party which is Star Wars Themed, which means they might have to roll me back here but I’m sure it will be delicious.

So my readers, stay hungry, or go grab a snack because we’ve still got 5 more days of dining to get through and I haven’t even hit Epcot yet.


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