Family Style at Garden Grill

Garden Grill seems to becoming more and more popular lately, when I talk to fellow Disney goers. This restaurant seems like it went overlooked for so long but now even offers brunch to people wandering the parks.

In this building I would usually end up grabbing a quick service at Seasons, but this time we decided to give the rotating restaurant a go and I only have a few complaints.

The service was fantastic. Our server, Nancy was really sweet and attentive and made sure 14657403_10100317117557944_3043378802124547916_nwe got to see Mickey, Chip and Dale which was just great.

The dinner rolls were warm and delicious. The honey butter was not too honeyed which is great for me. The salad was great as well, made with ingredients right from the greenhouses at Epcot, with a house made ranch dressing.

The thinly sliced beef was much better than that offered at Liberty Tree Tavern, even I had a piece and appreciated that it was so tender it could practically be cut with a knife. The turkey was juicy and delicious but there was only one slice, the rest seemed to be pieces broken off the edge of a turkey breast versus a proper roast and were tough to cut into.

The sausage seemed a little undercooked to be honest, and we did tell Nancy this and she offered to get us different morsels which we declined. The mashed potatoes were awesome. I’m a fan of a good mash, and the veggies also from Epcot’s greenhouses were 14731272_10100317117582894_8874177371062101894_n-1great also.

The standout was the dessert and oh my god was it good. One of the best strawberry shortcakes I have ever tasted in my life. I ate a couple pieces, soaking it in the strawberry sauce and the homemade whipped cream.




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